Monday, March 26, 2012

Video: FCAAF Folding Bike Race 2012

Some videos, I found on YouTube, from the recently concluded 10th FCAAF Springfest 1st Folding Bike Race held at Macapagal Ave., Pasay City, last 25 March 2012.
Here, we are unfolding our folding bikes. It was kind of crowded. We had a difficult time accessing our bikes and proceeding with the race. May be next time the organizers should designate both sides to park the bikes and leave the middle open (Just like the Brompton World Championships). That way, even if the bike is parked at the back, the rider can unfold and bike without bumping into other racers.

This is also at the start of the race, when all riders have unfolded their bikes and are now biking.

This is another video from the perspective of one of the racers. It's actually a cool video, if you just skip the "crotch" segment.

This last one I shot. It shows the winners of the race as they blaze past the finish line.

It was a fun activity! Will post some photos next time!


  1. nice, sir do you have pics or videos of other bikes? a nice event!

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