Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flying Ball Bike Shop and then some

When we were in Hong Kong, my friends and I made it a point to pass by Flying Ball Bicycle Co. Ltd., the authorized dealer of Brompton. The shop is located a few meters from Exit B1 of the Lai Chi Kok MTR Station
The bike shop is owned by Mr. Lee. Sayang kasi on the day we visited, Mr. Lee was not there. He was in Taiwan to attend the Taipei Cycle Show. Sayang, wanted to meet him. They say he's nice. Anyhow, one of his supervisors was there to assist us. For the life of me, I forgot his name. I think it's Peter.
Flying Ball doesn't only sell Bromptons. The bike shop sells all kinds of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, kiddie bikes and other folding bikes. Unfortunately, taking photos is prohibited while inside the shop so I couldn't show you the bikes and the accessories. I managed to snap this single photo when no one was looking.
So what did I do in Flying Ball? Well, aside from ogle at all the Bromptons and accessories, I did buy a few trinkets. First, I bought a Flying Ball Brompton Tool for HK$100 (or P550). It's really just a wrench with the 2 sizes of Brompton hex nuts. I don't think it's worth the money I paid. But it's okay, I bought it as a souvenir.

The next thing I got was this Minoura BH-100C Bottle Cage Holder. Price was HK$150 (or P825). I bought this because it mounts on the handlebar and it positions the water bottle right in the middle. I haven't installed it yet. So I'll blog more about it after I do.

I also purchased a Wipperman Connex Link for HK$65 (or P360). It's supposed be a chain connector that does not require any tool to remove or link the chain. Ang laki-laki ng box, pagbukas ko ang liit liit lang pala. To be honest, I don't touch my bike's chain, so I had no idea that there was an issue worth fixing. But Diane bought it, so I bought it. Pa-install ko kay Mang Nestor sa Tryon.

And then I bought some Brompton parts--like a replacement EZ wheel and a seat post rubber bung.
From Flying Ball, the group also paid a visit to Wing Fung Bike Shop, the authorized dealer of Moulton bicycles in Hong Kong. The 2 shops are 3 blocks away from each other.  
Moulton bikes are more expensive than Bromptons. Technically, they don't fold, so they're not "folding bikes." Moulton bikes are detachable. So why buy them? Well, friends swear that Moulton bikes handle roads really well.
Wing Fung is also the dealer of Tyrell bikes. These are high-end folding bikes. I didn't even dare ask how much they cost. I mean, why bother?
The Tyrell bikes may look fast, but they fold ugly.

No, thanks. I'll stick with my Brompton M6R.


  1. the connex makes it easy to remove your chain without requiring a chain tool. mas madali para sa mechanic mo kung may kelangan ayusin. mas madali para sayo kung gusto mo linisin ung chain mo.

    using a chain tool wears your chain pins out kasi, especially para sa mga di sanay like me.

  2. Did you see any full-size folding bikes? I've got a Montague, and it rides way better than any small-wheeled folder I've ever tried.

  3. Thanks, Diane! I'm sure I'll realize the importance of the connex soon.

    Hi, Alex! Yes, I think I saw a Montague in Flying Ball. They do look like a solid ride.

  4. Hi Kris, I think your description of the Tyrell bikes was dead on. Not that my Swift is a pretty picture when folded either haha. I enjoyed reading about your Hong Kong trip & now have a new place to cycle tour. Of course that's number 12 on my list of places. Please eep the stories coming, Glen