Thursday, March 1, 2012

LifeSaver Card of LifeCycle

It would be nice if my local bike group or favorite bike shop here in Manila would come out with something like this from LifeCycle. It's a LifeSaver Card, which is an "In Case of Emergency" card that can inform paramedics or responding police officers about the cyclist's particulars like blood type, allergies and person to contact. Other people, have bracelets made, but those can be very expensive. A simple and cheap plastic card like this, which you could easily tuck in your pocket, would suffice.


  1. you can get something done like that at those plastic luggage tag makers sa mall. for sure mas mura kung mass order.

    other suggestions:
    1. a local version of a roadID
    2. write your particulars on a post it and stick it to the back of your drivers license...

  2. Ah yes, the Bag Tag people. Pwede.

    Yeah, sana magkaroon ng local version na RoadID. Sa pagkaalam ko sa US pa kasi pinapagawa mga yun.

    Your last suggestion is the cheapest way. I stand corrected!