Friday, August 31, 2012

Video: Owner and Police Bust Bike Thief

Knowing that he'd forever lose his bike if he didn't do anything, this bike-owner took the matter into his own hands and tracked the bike thief. He found him and confronted the guy. It's a crazy video. Good thing the cops came.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bike Ride to Nuvali's Bird Sanctuary and Wakepark

We parked our cars in front of Solenad 1, and unfolded our bikes.
Last week, my daughter and I visited the man-made lake in Nuvali. Yesterday, I went back to Nuvali, but this time, I joined my FBP friends to ride up Nuvali Blvd. and visit the bird sanctuary and the wakeboard park.
Nuvali Blvd. is a 10 kilometer-long road, stretching from the Solenad Bldgs. to Republic Wake Park. It is very popular among cyclists, both roadie and mountain, in the south.
Cyclists particularly like training in Nuvali Blvd. because it is well-paved and has a gradual incline. There's no separate bike path, but cars and trucks are so few that they only take up one lane and share the other with bikers and joggers. (I don't know for how long though. Once the houses and schools rise up, I'm sure it's going to be a very busy highway.)
Since Nuvali is private property (its owned by Ayala Land), they impose their own traffic rules. For cyclists, the rule is to wear a helmet--as the road sign clearly says. 
Anyway, after cycling 5 1/2 kilometers, we turned right towards the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. 
Unfortunately, the road up to the bird sanctuary is not cemented at all. My folding bike's tires were tested against the sand and gravel, plus the occasional mud patch. Pang road lang talaga ang Brompton.
The Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary turned out to be just a gazebo. I didn't see any birds, lizards, bats, or monkeys. Nothing. It's probably because Ayala's turning the area into a subdivision! And all the construction had driven the animals away.
How can this be a bird sanctuary when there'll be houses right there?
I have to say I was a bit disappointed.
Group photo courtesy of Al Castillo
After resting for a few minutes, we rode down the trail back to Nuvali Blvd. We continued biking for another 2 kilometers until we hit the dead end and then turned left towards the wakepark.
Republic Wakepark is the newest wakeboard park in the country (the first two are in CWC and Caliraya). My FBP friends and I just had a look-see. We watched a few wakeboarders do their thing. We kidded ourselves that we could actually join them since we were already in costume--helmet and shorts. Hehehe.
After taking some pictures and rehydrating, the group pedaled back to Solenad. The ride back was much faster because for the most part it was downhill.
Back at the man-made lake in Solenad.
All in all, we had biked almost 20 kilometers. Not a bad Monday morning workout.
My white Brompton hanging out with the mountain bikes. 
Back in the parking lot, we folded our bikes and loaded them in our cars. Some of us  proceeded to King Bee chinese restaurant for brunch. Mmmmmmhhh, hot wanton noodle soup never tasted this good!
Photo courtesy of Al Castillo
I had a great time biking with my FBP friends in Nuvali. It's a really nice place to bike. If you want an alternative to Bonifacio Global City or SM MOA Complex, I'd recommend Nuvali. It's bike-friendly; the roads are smooth and rolling; there are fewer cars; and after your workout, you can shop and dine in Solenad and nearby Paseo de Sta. Rosa!

Special mention to our ride leader for that day, Arnel Perez! Thanks for taking us around Nuvali, Arnel!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Premium Rush (bike messenger movie)

Premium Rush is showing in the US today, August 23. I can't wait for it to come out here in the Philippines.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick bike ride around the Nuvali Lake in Sta. Rosa

My daughter and the Brompton with the Nuvali lake in the background
Drove up to Tagaytay last weekend. Incidentally had the Brompton in the trunk. When my wife wanted to make a stop at Nuvali to check out the outlet stores, I immediately jumped on the chance to explore the bicycle infrastructure in the area. So, I unfolded the bike, installed the Bromp-seat, and then Bea and I went.
Photo grabbed from
Nuvali, a commercial and residential development in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, has a separate trail for mountain bikers. We did not take that. What we toured was the bike lane encircling the man-made lake.

The area is bike friendly. There is ample bike parking, where you can lock and leave your bikes while shopping or eating. Nuvali also rents out bikes at the park in case you forgot your bike at home and wish to ride one.
But they do have a strict no helmet no ride policy. Bea and I were approached by a security guard because we didn't have helmets on us. (My bad)
photo grabbed from
Bea and I encircled the entire lake (it's not that big). We wanted to ride the ferry boat that docked at Solenad, but the line was long. It's okay. Gives us a reason to come back. : )
Bea not happy we can't ride the boat.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Boy Kitchen Easy Fold Clamp for Brompton

The kit comes with 2 clamps, 2 screws, 2 springs and 2 nuts
My friend Marlowe, who shuttles to and fro Thailand, was kind enough to get me a pair of Boy Kitchen's Easy Fold Clamps for my Brompton during his last visit there. For those of you not in the know, the Easy Fold Clamps replace the standard clamps of the Brompton's two hinges. You see, the problem with the stock clamp is that it rotates when you loosen the lever. It can get irritating when you fold or unfold the bike. Because it is loose, you have to hold the clamp in place when you tighten the lever to re-attach it to the bike. (For those non-Brompton owners I am sorry if you did not understand my description--I don't know how else to explain it)
Stock clamp on the left; Easy Fold clamp on the right
Boy Kitchen's aluminum clamp avoids that annoying situation by making one side of the clamp rise higher than the other. The redesign results in the Easy Fold clamp staying in place when loosening or tightening the lever--saving you time and the trouble.
Standard hinge clamp set on the left; Easy Fold clamp set on the right
Silly me, I intalled the Easy Fold clamp as is. And as a result, I had a hard time turning the screw because it didn't come with its own lever. I thought to myself, "I don't think it's supposed to be this way." Luckily, I found Boy Kitchen's YouTube video on his product. Apparently, you can pop out the black lever off the stock screw with a hammer and then transfer that lever to the Easy Fold screw. So that's what I did. 

Afterwards, I installed the nut at the end of the screw to stop the lever from turning when the Easy Fold clamp is unfastened from the hinge.
Final product on the Brompton's hinge.
Voila! Installation complete!
No more wildly rotating clamp to deal with when folding or unfolding my Brompton! I wish Brompton makes these their stock hinge clamps!

PS: The two clamp set does not come cheap though. Boy Kitchen prices a pair at THB 1,850.00 or US$60.00. (May be its expensive because it is not mass produced and he fabricates it himself.)

Monday, August 13, 2012

The NEW and IMPROVED B-132 Bag

The nice folks over at Vincita recently sent me a newer and improved B-132 Transport Bag for my Brompton (Officially, its called "B-132B"). It is basically a smaller version of the original. 
Height shorter by 2 inches (5cm)
If you recall, back in September 2011, I wrote a review on the B-132. I said it was a bit roomy, such that the bike is not secured in place and might wobble during transit. Also, the old bag was also big. At 24 x 24 x 14, it is a tad bulky to pull around. I suggested then for Vincita to cut an inch or so to provide a better fit.

Length is shorter by 2 inces (5cm)
Well, whadduyuh-know, Mr. Yingsak and his team listened to us and came out with the B-132B early this year. At 22 x 22 x 12, it offers a snugger fit of the Brompton folding bike. It is now perfect. Thanks, Vincita!
Width shortened by 2 inches (5cm)
Notice the snugger, tighter fit.
Aside from that, Vincita also improved the zipper of the bag by placing a cover to protect it.
The B-132B is noticeably smaller than the B-132 that you can actually put the former inside the latter and still close the zipper.

The B-132B inside the B-132, like a joey in a mommy kangaroo's pouch.
The 2 bags side by side--the B-132B on the left, the B-132 on the right.
Aside from the two improvements, everything else is the same. Same foam padding; same water-resistent nylon cover; same roller wheels; and same straps.

I am extremely happy with this new version. Thank you again Mr. Yingsak and Vincita for listening to your customers. : )

Friday, August 3, 2012

Video: Family Bike Camping

I'd like to take my daughter (and hopefully my wife as well) go family bike camping someday.

Video from Path Less Pedaled.