Monday, August 13, 2012

The NEW and IMPROVED B-132 Bag

The nice folks over at Vincita recently sent me a newer and improved B-132 Transport Bag for my Brompton (Officially, its called "B-132B"). It is basically a smaller version of the original. 
Height shorter by 2 inches (5cm)
If you recall, back in September 2011, I wrote a review on the B-132. I said it was a bit roomy, such that the bike is not secured in place and might wobble during transit. Also, the old bag was also big. At 24 x 24 x 14, it is a tad bulky to pull around. I suggested then for Vincita to cut an inch or so to provide a better fit.

Length is shorter by 2 inces (5cm)
Well, whadduyuh-know, Mr. Yingsak and his team listened to us and came out with the B-132B early this year. At 22 x 22 x 12, it offers a snugger fit of the Brompton folding bike. It is now perfect. Thanks, Vincita!
Width shortened by 2 inches (5cm)
Notice the snugger, tighter fit.
Aside from that, Vincita also improved the zipper of the bag by placing a cover to protect it.
The B-132B is noticeably smaller than the B-132 that you can actually put the former inside the latter and still close the zipper.

The B-132B inside the B-132, like a joey in a mommy kangaroo's pouch.
The 2 bags side by side--the B-132B on the left, the B-132 on the right.
Aside from the two improvements, everything else is the same. Same foam padding; same water-resistent nylon cover; same roller wheels; and same straps.

I am extremely happy with this new version. Thank you again Mr. Yingsak and Vincita for listening to your customers. : )


  1. How neat! I never heard of the B-132 before, but I know what it is now.
    Peace :)

  2. It looks great! By any chance, do you know any shop of Vincita products that delivers this new travel bag (B-132B)to Spain?

    Thank you for your fantastic blog!

    1. Hi, Jorge! I know they have a distributor in Germany. Not sure about Spain though. Best if you email their export department at or at Good luck!

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