Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bike Ride to Nuvali's Bird Sanctuary and Wakepark

We parked our cars in front of Solenad 1, and unfolded our bikes.
Last week, my daughter and I visited the man-made lake in Nuvali. Yesterday, I went back to Nuvali, but this time, I joined my FBP friends to ride up Nuvali Blvd. and visit the bird sanctuary and the wakeboard park.
Nuvali Blvd. is a 10 kilometer-long road, stretching from the Solenad Bldgs. to Republic Wake Park. It is very popular among cyclists, both roadie and mountain, in the south.
Cyclists particularly like training in Nuvali Blvd. because it is well-paved and has a gradual incline. There's no separate bike path, but cars and trucks are so few that they only take up one lane and share the other with bikers and joggers. (I don't know for how long though. Once the houses and schools rise up, I'm sure it's going to be a very busy highway.)
Since Nuvali is private property (its owned by Ayala Land), they impose their own traffic rules. For cyclists, the rule is to wear a helmet--as the road sign clearly says. 
Anyway, after cycling 5 1/2 kilometers, we turned right towards the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. 
Unfortunately, the road up to the bird sanctuary is not cemented at all. My folding bike's tires were tested against the sand and gravel, plus the occasional mud patch. Pang road lang talaga ang Brompton.
The Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary turned out to be just a gazebo. I didn't see any birds, lizards, bats, or monkeys. Nothing. It's probably because Ayala's turning the area into a subdivision! And all the construction had driven the animals away.
How can this be a bird sanctuary when there'll be houses right there?
I have to say I was a bit disappointed.
Group photo courtesy of Al Castillo
After resting for a few minutes, we rode down the trail back to Nuvali Blvd. We continued biking for another 2 kilometers until we hit the dead end and then turned left towards the wakepark.
Republic Wakepark is the newest wakeboard park in the country (the first two are in CWC and Caliraya). My FBP friends and I just had a look-see. We watched a few wakeboarders do their thing. We kidded ourselves that we could actually join them since we were already in costume--helmet and shorts. Hehehe.
After taking some pictures and rehydrating, the group pedaled back to Solenad. The ride back was much faster because for the most part it was downhill.
Back at the man-made lake in Solenad.
All in all, we had biked almost 20 kilometers. Not a bad Monday morning workout.
My white Brompton hanging out with the mountain bikes. 
Back in the parking lot, we folded our bikes and loaded them in our cars. Some of us  proceeded to King Bee chinese restaurant for brunch. Mmmmmmhhh, hot wanton noodle soup never tasted this good!
Photo courtesy of Al Castillo
I had a great time biking with my FBP friends in Nuvali. It's a really nice place to bike. If you want an alternative to Bonifacio Global City or SM MOA Complex, I'd recommend Nuvali. It's bike-friendly; the roads are smooth and rolling; there are fewer cars; and after your workout, you can shop and dine in Solenad and nearby Paseo de Sta. Rosa!

Special mention to our ride leader for that day, Arnel Perez! Thanks for taking us around Nuvali, Arnel!


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