Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bike Commute to AIM in Makati

The office conducted its planning seminar at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati for two days so I grabbed the chance to commute by bike. I just love it when I pass all these cars stuck in traffic and I feel the drivers' stares as they ask themselves, "Who the F#@% is this guy in a barong? Why is he on a bike? And what's he smiling about?"

Anyway, I digress.

Aside from AIM, I also got to bike-commute to the bank and the mall. Had no problems except from feeling and breathing the hot exhaust coming from the mufflers of Honda Waves. Ugh!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Infographic: Cycling and the Law (UK)

Another infographic from the web. This time on cycling and the law in the United Kingdom.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Infographic: Amsterdam on yer bike

Browse more infographics.
I'd love to bike in Amsterdam if given the opportunity. : ) 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Biking from the carwash

Whenever I go to our neighborhood carwash to have my car cleaned I bring the Brompton with me. I park my car, leave the keys with the attendant, unfold my bike, and cycle home. I get to do whatever I want (i.e. go back to sleep, read the paper, surf the net, take a shower, etc.) After an hour, I bike back to the carwash, fold up the Brompton, place it in the trunk, pay the attendant, start the car and drive home.

Folding bike usefulness at its best.

I get a kick out of the jealous looks I get from the other guys there when I leave them in the carwash. It's priceless. : )

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cateye Reflex Auto Tail Light

A few days ago, Allan of BCP posted on our Facebook page the Cateye Reflex Auto Tail Light LD570. He installed it on his Brompton and I thought I had to do the same as well. You see, the Reflex Auto is not your ordinary tail light/reflector. The cool thing about it is that it has optic and motion sensors! This means the Reflex Auto can determine when its dark and the bike is in motion, and will then turn itself on. If its neither, then the Reflex Auto will turn itself off after 50 seconds. Galing, 'no?  
The Reflex Auto sells for PhP 1,200.00 (US$28.00) at Tryon bike shop in Makati. I got mine last weekend. The package comes with 2 AAA dry cells, 2 seat post mounts and a rack mount. I chose to use the rack mount.
The Brompton's stock Cateye Reflector
First, I removed the stock reflector of my Brompton's rear rack with a wrench. Afterwards, I screwed on the Reflex Auto's black plastic mount. It felt a bit flimsy--like the thread will loosen after some time. I wish Cateye used a sturdier material for the mount.
Anyway, when that was done, I snapped on the Reflex Auto and locked it in with the small lockscrew that came with it in the package.
Bird's Eye View
My new tail light fits perfectly on the rear rack. In fact, the Reflex Auto looked like it came with the Brompton straight from the factory.
I folded the Brompton just to check if I positioned the tail light too low and therefore made it touch the floor. Mabuti naman at hindi. Glad that it didn't. 
The Reflex Auto hovers a few centimeters above the ground in the Brompton's folded state.
I can't wait to use the Reflex Auto in one of my afternoon bike commutes. With this tail light installed, I no longer need to stop in the middle of the road just to turn it on. When it gets dark, the Reflex Auto will automatically light up. And when I get home and park it, it will turn off by itself. I tested this last Sunday and it works! Here's a video from Cateye featuring the Reflex Auto Tail Light LD570 in action.

Monday, July 9, 2012

BCP Leather Accessories

My friend Eugene and his buddy Roel sold me this leather accessory set for my Brompton. The pack includes matching mudflaps for the front and rear fenders, frame cover and keychain. For all 4 pieces, I paid just PhP 1,050.00 (US$25.00). They come in a wide variety of colors (brown, dark brown, red, among others), but I chose the standard black to match my black Brooks B-17 saddle.
Of the 4, I've only attach the frame cover. My stock mudflaps are still fine, so these new ones I'll store as replacements. It wasn't hard to install the cover. I used the metal tweezer of my swiss army knife to insert the leather string through the holes. I was done in 10 minutes.

The black leather frame cover looks nice. When the Brompton is folded, it protects the frame from possible scratches when it comes in contact with the rear tire. It's also easier to carry the bike with the cover because the latter provides a better grip of the frame.
I'm satisfied with my purchase. Will definitely use the mudflaps when the stock ones tear or otherwise get destroyed.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Infographic: Bicycling in the US

People spend more for their cars than food--why am I not surprised? Ditch the car if you can. Go by bike.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schwalbe Marathon Tire

After 21 months, the stock Brompton Kevlar tire on my bike's rear wheel finally gave in. The tire tread had worn out and there were at least 3 punctures. It was time to replace it.
I don't like messing with the Brompton's rear hub so I had Mang Nestor of Tryon change the tire for me. He installed the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire I got from Flying Ball last March.
It's supposed to be heavier and slower than the stock tires, but Schwalbe says the Marathon is better because it has more grip and traction. Also, the Marathon is advertised to be more puncture-resistant than the stock due to its built-in Kevlar belt and thicker sidewall.

We'll see how it handles Metro Manila roads.