Saturday, December 24, 2011

Night Ride with the Kids at BHS

Last Thursday, my friends in FBP organized a night bike ride for the kids at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. Since we were going to be with other children and the ride would be in the Fort Bonifacio area, Bea and I joined them.
We assembled near R.O.X. at 7:30 pm. I saw some friends from TSP, but they had their own ride that night. Meanwhile, Diane gave me the orange reflector vest I ordered and I put it on. It gets the job done, but somehow I feel like a walking road triangle reflector.
Bea does this pose when she knows she'll be photographed. It's her pa-cute pose. I do not know where she got it.
With Jason Lee, son of Dr. Arman and Mia Lee. I've seen this kid bike, and boy can he pedal!
Anyway, we waited for a couple of minutes for the others. When were complete, we took a group photo at the foot of BHS. And then we were off!
Here we are with Zaldy and Tina. It was good the weather cooperated that night. During the day it was cloudy with some rain. 
This is Ariel with his son, Joaquin, on their Bike Friday. Ganda ng bike trailer ni Joaquin. I'd like one for when Bea gets older.
Here is Diane with Jason.
This is Zaldy's son, Zian, on his Peerless Lite.
Here is Al's wife, Dhine, with their daughter Aldheia.
John Buno on his P6R. Love that P-Bar.
Wow Pinays, Ruth and Tina.
Dhine, Ruth, Tina, Bea and honorary woman, Me.
Here we are in Burgos Circle.
From Burgos Circle we rode back to BHS where Bea and I pulled away from the peloton because she was getting sleepy. The group met with some latecomers and continued their ride. Bea and I went back to the car and went home. 

Bea had fun on this ride. She made "mano" to her elders; posed during the picture taking; stood up on her pedals and waved her hands in the air in excitement. We had biked approximately 5 kms. Good job, daughter! Next time, Tour of the Fireflies na!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

PS: Thanks to Al Castillo and Arman Lee for the photos!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BCP in Tagaytay

Brommie Skywalker in Tagaytay
My fellow Brompton owners and I held our Christmas get-together in Tagaytay City last Sunday. My friend Abel and I left Manila at 6am and drove 60 kilometers south to the windy city. We met up at the Seven Eleven near the rotunda. There were 9 of us. Ruth Rodriguez, Ariel Arias and his son, Dr. Enjo Gatdula, Abel Lazona, Paul Siochi, Zaldy Austria, Al Castillo and myself.
We went to Bag of Beans for breakfast. After our hearty meal and hot coffee, we exchanged gifts and held a mini-raffle. (Thanks to Ms Ruth for my exchange gift and raffle prize!)
Unfortunately, it was rainy that morning. But since we were there anyway, we proceeded to bike. We unfolded our Bromptons and biked from Bag of Beans to Tierra de Maria, the replica of the Our Lady of Manaoag.  
The pictures don't show it, but it was pretty cold in Tagaytay. Not Alaska freezing cold, but cool enough for us to keep our jackets on.
At this part of the ride, Zaldy (originally a mountain biker with PMTB), taught me the correct way to pedal standing up. Use it only for short uphill climbs; put the bike on the heaviest gear; lean forward; and slowly push down on one pedal while standing up. (Thanks for the tip, Zaldy!)
That's Taal Volcano on the right.
This is us in Tierra de Maria.
It was just a short ride--about 10 kilometers. We wanted to bike some more but the weather was not cooperating and some of us had to get back home.
My bike, Brommie Skywalker, should have his own TripAdvisor account!
 I folded my Brompton and hitched a ride with Ariel and his son on the way back to Manila.

Good times! Happy Holidays, everybody!

PS: Thanks again to Al Castillo for the photos in this post.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bike Commute to Jamba Juice in Bonifacio Global City

Last November 30, in celebration of Andres Bonifacio Day (a public holiday here in the Philippines), I biked to Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City. I cycled 10 kilometers, more or less, from my house in Paranaque to BHS in Taguig. Since it was a holiday, there weren't a lot of cars on the road, which was great.
Travelled north via the West Service Road. Turned right on Sales Road, which changed to Lawton Ave. upon entering Fort Bonifacio. Continued biking 'til I hit McKinley Road, turned right, then left to 9th Ave.
Along 9th Ave.
About to turn towards 7th Ave.
I stopped at the new portion of Bonifacio High Street, the one with the Jamba Juice. To reenergize, I ordered a Medium Protein Berry Workout smoothie. Yum!
Afterwards, I biked 3.5 kilometers south to Mckinley Hill where I met my wife and daughter to have an early lunch. : )
Happy Biking!