Monday, March 25, 2013

Mini Bike Tour of Devonport

I went to the small town of Devonport on the North Shore the other day and brought my Brompton with me. I rode the ferry from the CBD's Pier 1 to the Devonport Ferry Terminal. Adult fare was NZ$11.00 round trip.
On board the ferry to Devonport
Brommie Skywalker on the Devonport Boardwalk
Upon my arrival, I unfolded my bike and started cycling. Devonport is an affluent suburb across Auckland CBD. There are small boutiques, specialty shops and cafes lining Queens Parade and Victoria Road. I proceeded north via Victoria Road then made a right on Kerr Street and followed the path up Mount Victoria. The hill was steep and I had a difficult time climbing it even on the Brompton's granny gears. But I eventually got to the top.
And, boy, did it give a fantastic view of the city.
Mount Victoria's Disappearing Gun
Mount Victoria is the tallest volcano in the North Shore. It used to be a military facility, much like Corregidor in the Philippines. It even has its own "disappearing gun."

After taking photos, I cycled down Kerr Street and turned left on Vauxhall Road. Passed through a row of houses. I stopped at the corner of Vauxhall and Tainui Roads and had a flat white in a french cafe. Sayang, wala silang chocolate croissant.
One of the many public beaches in Devonport. This one fronting Torpedo Bay.
And then I biked on Tainui Road and peeked at a couple of Devonport's public beaches. It's amazing. One minute you're like in San Lorenzo Village, then you make a turn, and its the beach! I wonder how much the houses are in this area. I'm pretty sure they're expensive.
After beach hopping, I turned to Cheltenham Road and biked south. I hit King Edward Parade and stopped by the Navy Museum.
From the museum I rode along King Edward Parade back to the ferry terminal, where I waited for my ferry back to Auckland CBD. I cycled a distance of 6 kms for this mini bike tour.
My Devonport Cycle Route

Monday, March 18, 2013

CBD to Newmarket via Parnell

After my class in the afternoon, I decided to ride my Brompton from the CBD up to Newmarket to visit a shop. I chose the Parnell route. It was an uphill climb from the get-go, but I persevered. Reached Newmarket after 2.5 kms.
From Newmarket I passed by Auckland Domain and stopped at the Auckland War Museum. Sayang, maganda sana yung view, pero maulap nung time na yun.
After the museum, I biked back down to Parnell and stopped at La Porchetto for dinner.
Had pasta. Yum.
Then I went home. It was all downhill so I got back pretty fast. But I don't think I'll be going back to Newmarket via my bike anytime soon. It's just too steep. I'll probably stick to visiting Mission Bay.

Wherever you are, happy cycling!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kia Ora!

Hello from beautiful New Zealand!
I wasn't active on my blog for a long time because I was preparing for my trip here in Auckland. I brought my folding bike with me to help me with my commute, but this city is hilly! I'm glad I have a 6-speed Brompton, but still! There are some parts that even my granny gears won't be able to help me. And I am still getting used to the drivers and the traffic rules. They drive on the other side of the road.
Yesterday, I took my bike down to Tamaki Drive and I really enjoyed the view. I learned why Auckland is named the City of Sails.
As you can see, Kiwis love boats!
They have many marinas. This one is in Orakei.
Well, that's it for now. I will be riding my bike more often around New Zealand. Hopefully, take it with me to visit Hobbiton! Stay tuned!