Friday, February 19, 2016

Comments on Trinx and Atomic Bikes?

Photo not mine. Grabbed from Trinx website.
Hi, all! It's been a while. When I started riding folding bikes in 2009 there were only a few brands available in the Philippines like Giant, Dahon, Peerless, Doppelganger, and Strida. Today, 2016, there are more than a dozen brands being marketed to bicycle enthusiasts. Among them are Trinx and Atomic. I have seen quite a number of their bikes on the streets of Manila and I have no idea how they perform. So I'd like to ask for reader feedback. Do you own a Trink or Atomic folding bike? How is it? Does it give value for money? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Photo not mine. Grabbed from the OLX website.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bike Tour Wish List: Taichung, Taiwan

Photo is owned by David Niddrie
Awhile back I went on many bike tours both here and abroad. I've travelled with my folding bike to Hong Kong, Vietnam, New Zealand, Ilocos Norte, Isabela, Laguna, Cavite, Albay and Camarines Sur. But for one thing or another I stopped going on bike tours. This recent article by David Niddrie for Momentum Mag has resparked my interest in the activity.

Niddrie wrote about his experience bike touring around Sun Moon Lake in Taichung, Taiwan--the country's largest lake. The pictures of the tour look fantastic, and total length sounds a reasonable 30 kms. 

I will research more on this and see if I can invite some friends to go along and join me on a bike tour.