Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schwalbe Marathon Tire

After 21 months, the stock Brompton Kevlar tire on my bike's rear wheel finally gave in. The tire tread had worn out and there were at least 3 punctures. It was time to replace it.
I don't like messing with the Brompton's rear hub so I had Mang Nestor of Tryon change the tire for me. He installed the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire I got from Flying Ball last March.
It's supposed to be heavier and slower than the stock tires, but Schwalbe says the Marathon is better because it has more grip and traction. Also, the Marathon is advertised to be more puncture-resistant than the stock due to its built-in Kevlar belt and thicker sidewall.

We'll see how it handles Metro Manila roads.


  1. I recently read a review about that tire and you're on the spot that it's really a durable one. Good choice!

    How much did you get it?


  2. Kris,
    I love the Schwalbe tires. They are bullet proof. I have them on many of my bikes and they work very well.

    Great addition to your Brompton!

    Happy Trails!

    Paz :)

  3. Another "thumbs up" for the marathon plus tyres, they are bullet proof, no punctures in the year i've had them bad boys on :) luv em bad

  4. That's great, Paz and CrazyBee! It means I don't need to install Flataways!

  5. There notable differences between the Marathon and Marathon "Plus" versions?
    Kris - which set did you go for?

  6. Hi, Train Man! The tire just says "Marathon" so I don't know for sure if they're the "plus."