Wednesday, June 27, 2012

InStep Rocket Bike Trailer

My 2 year old is about to "graduate" from her child bike seats so I got her this Rocket Bike Trailer from InStep (a trade name of Pacific Cycles). I bought it used from a friend of mine last weekend for just PhP 2,200.00 (US$50.00). Not a bad deal, eh? 

They go for around PhP 3,500.00 (US$80.00) pre-owned over at HMR in Pioneer St., Mandaluyong. A brand new one costs more than US$200.00 on Amazon. So I got mine for 1/4 of its actual price.
The frame of the trailer is made of aluminum, so it's pretty light (less than 30 lbs.). The wheels are alloy, not plastic, which is good because this means it'll last longer. The whole contraption is quick to fold and disassemble. No need for tools. I can easily store it when not in use. 

A feature I like is that the trailer can be converted into a jogging stroller! You just unhook the tow bar from the coupler, unscrew the front wheel and attach the metal handlebars at the back. Voila! My wife and I can take Bea around even without the bike!
The InStep Rocket attaches to the bike via a coupler. The picture above shows how I attached it to my Brompton. Normally, that round thing with the hole should be at the bottom, but then that would substantially lower the trailer. So I repositioned the coupler horizontally to raise it and level the trailer.
My wife's only problem with the Rocket isn't really InStep's fault but is an issue for all bike trailers (whether Burley, Schwinn or what have you). She doesn't like the idea that debris (i.e. water, mud, pebbles, small trash etc.) flung by the rear wheel as it spins may ricochet to my daughter's face. Sure, there's a mesh screen, but it barely protects her from dust particles, what more larger objects. I just have to trust the Brompton's fenders.

And another thing, the side windows of the canopy are made of clear plastic. I would've preferred if they were mesh screens like the front and back, so it'll be more ventilated inside. But, oh well, beggars can't be choosy! It just cost me 2,000 pesos.
Here, my daughter and her stuffed horse fit comfortably in the trailer designed for two.
Bea and I tried the InStep Rocket last Sunday. We went around a couple of blocks. From what I saw, she looked happy and seemed to enjoy being 'rickshawed' by daddy. As for me, I had no problems pulling the trailer with the Brompton. There was drag but it was unnoticeable. So, I'm happy with the product just as she is.
Now, all that's left for me to do is buy a safety flag kit that I'll attach to the trailer to make it more visible to others, and then its off to join the Tour of the Fireflies!

Special thanks to Bobby Leyeza for selling this bike trailer to me at a really good price!


  1. I absolutely Like this idea so much - but it's far too expensive for me. :Bike Trailer

  2. The trailer looks great. I like the way it attaches to the Brompton. And, not very expensive - a big plus.

    Enjoy the precious moments!

    Paz :)

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  4. Hi, I have this trailer and am considering a brompton. I was curious how well the half fold works with the trailer attached or if it is even possible. It's nice to know you can even attach the trailer.

  5. I just got an Allen Sports Aluminum Trailer and was trying to find Brompton+Trailer referrals on the web to see if Bromps will have any specific problems with them. I'm guessing most regular trailers will fit bikes more or less the same way.

    Your article puts me at ease - at least now I know it should be fine. Thank you!

    1. Hi, G! Yes, it should fit your Brompton. :) Happy riding!

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  7. Is this trailer easy to fold and store? Do you just unhook and leave it when not in use?

  8. Hi. Will you be willing to sell your bike trailer if your child has outgrown it? Cheers.

  9. Hi Louis! Sorry, but I sold the trailer already. They might still have them available at HMR. Thanks for dropping by.