Monday, June 25, 2012

Some photos from the 2012 Manila Folding Bike Festival

Sharing a few photos from the recently concluded 1st Manila Folding Bike Festival held at the The Collective in Malugay Street, Makati City.
The 1-day event was hosted by Folding Bike Pilipinas (FBP) together with Polkit, WOW Pinay, Brompton Club of the Philippines (BCP), Cainta Mountain Bikers, Sugimura Club of the Philippines, Firefly Brigade, PMTB and other cycling clubs. My friends Abel, Nitya, Al, Ariel, Pia and Paul took the lead.

We held a lot of activities, including a bike exhibit that showcased different kinds of folding bikes--from vintage to brand new, small wheels to big wheels, one-tone to multi-colored bikes.
We had a bike flea market ("ukay-ukay"), which I manned with Jeans, Dennis and Echel. I helped out in selling all kinds of used and brand new bike parts and accessories. We even sold whole bicycles!
We had a program hosted by Pia and Ace. First, our bikes were blessed by a pastor. Then, we held folding bike contests: Fastest to unfold a Brompton (13 seconds); Fastest to fold a Brompton (9 seconds); And similar contests for Sugimura and Peerless bikes. The contest and raffle prizes were courtesy of our sponsors (LifeCycle of Singapore, Junni, Dahon, JJRM, Peerless, Tryon, Dakila and Yadu, among others). The grand prize was a Dahon Jack folding bike! Thanks, guys!
We conducted a bike clinic in the afternoon where invited speakers discussed different topics related to bicycling. I was asked to talk about bike-touring / bike-packing.
And that's not all! Our other sponsors provided free souvenir shirt printing and photo booth! At 5pm there was a free concert! Everyone had fun!

The event was such a success that immediately after it concluded, people were already talking about next year's folding bike festival!

Thanks to all those who organized this activity and volunteered their time and energy!

Special thanks to Diane Flaviano, Al Castillo and Bobby Leyeza for a few of the photos in this post. For more pictures of the folding bike festival, please visit:

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