Friday, June 1, 2012

Video: Brompton Bike Tour of NYC

I wonder if R.O.X. (or any local bike shop for that matter) can also do this here-- take tourists on a free bike tour of the city. That would be awesome.

They can start in MOA and bike along the baywalk up to Luneta. Take a picture in front of the Rizal shrine, and the proceed to Intramuros. They make all the historic stops and the bike all the way to Chinatown for lunch. From there they get picked up by an R.O.X. van and return to MOA. That's how I'd do it. : )

Anyway, good one, NYCE Wheels! Way to be innovative!


  1. Hi bro, i just read your entire blog. Haha! It was great especially the upgrades & accessories part. I just bought a folding bike and using it to and from work. I'm lovin' it.

    Keep it up! Cheers!


  2. Hi, Lil'Jacare! Thanks for passing by, man! Appreciate it. Ride on!

  3. +1 ako sa suggestion mo tourist bike ride