Monday, March 5, 2012

BCP Bike Badge

I wrote about the LifeSaver Card of Lifecycle a few days ago and why every bike commuter should have just in case there is an emergency. The card would state the important details about the cyclist, like Name, Blood Type and Contact Number. Others suggested a wristband with the same info, but brands like RoadID are a bit expensive.

Anyhow, my local club, Brompton Club of the Philippines, through the initiative of Ariel Arias, recently came out with a similar tag, this time designed for the bike. The metal plate also contains the important details of the rider (Name, Blood Type and Contact Number). It costs P350.00 (or US$8.00) each.

The bike badge also serves another purpose, that is, in case the bike gets lost, then the finder would be able to know who to contact so that he can return the bike (wishful thinking? Hey, you never know!)
I placed mine on the left side of my Brompton's Seat Tube. Attached it with padded double sided tape.


  1. can't wait to get mine and stick it! para prepared, i'll bring na din double sided hahaha :D

  2. No need for you to bring double sided tape. Ariel put already. : )