Sunday, March 4, 2012

I lost one EZ Wheel!


I lost an EZ Wheel today while biking to Fort Bonifacio. I should've realized it when my left foot hit the left EZ Wheel twice while pedaling. It must've come loose when the bike rattled while traversing the asphalt of Sales bridge. I only realized the loss when I was in Jamba Juice already and attempted to fold the bike. I retraced my steps all the way back to the house but failed to find it.

I guess I'll have to buy a new one when I visit Flying Ball soon.

Meanwhile, let it be a lesson to all of us to make sure the screws are on tight for all EZ Wheels.

Happy riding!


  1. I had EZ Wheels and removed them and put these on. They roll just as well and look really nice. They cost EUR 29.00


  2. Those are nice EZ Wheel replacements, but very expensive.