Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mini Bike Tour of Hong Kong 2 (Tai Lam to Tsuen Wan)

After biking 23 kilometers from the airport to Disneyland in the morning, the 5 of us (Diane, Eugene, Charlie, Val and I) boarded the train and proceeded to Tsuen Wan. We pedaled to Panda Hotel so that our friend, Diane, could check-in. 
Afterwards, we were supposed to take the train to Tuen Mun for our afternoon ride, but it was getting late and our bike tour leader Val made the executive decision to start the bike ride at the halfway point, in Tai Lam.
So we took a cab to go there. (One of the cool things about owning a folding bike is that you can take it anywhere with you, including in a trunk of a taxicab.)
We got down at Tai Lam Chung Road and started biking. We rode along Castle Peak Road which offered a fantastic view of Lantau Island, Ma Wan Island, Tsing Yi Island, Ma Wan Channel, the Lantau Link and the Ting Kau Bridge
Great view of the Lantau Link and Ma Wan Channel
The ride wasn’t that difficult as for the most part we were going downhill. However, it was still freezing (around 13 C) and there was a bit of wind resistance that slowed us down.
No bike lane in this area. We rode on the sidewalk.
After riding 6 kilometers, we stopped at Sham Tseng and ate lunch at Yue Kee (a Michelin listed restaurant famous for its roast goose). We tried the house specialty. Yum.

From Sham Tseng we continued to bike for another 7 kilometers along Castle Peak Road and headed east towards Tsuen Wan.
That's the Ting Kau Bridge
At the Tsuen Wan West Waterfront
We folded our bikes and boarded the train in Tsuen Wan West station.

We had biked 13 kilometers in the afternoon, and 45 kilometers for the entire day. Tired, but fulfilled! Hong Kong is a great place to explore by bike!

PS: Special thanks to Diane Flaviano and Charlie Gaw for some of the photos in this blogpost.


  1. Hello! I'm so inspired by your blog and your travels with your bike! It is my dream to own a Brompton and tour the Philippines with it! Thank you for sharing your adventures. Nawa'y dumami pa ang mga katulad mo!

    Let's go for a more bike-friendly Philippines! :)


  2. Thanks, Banannabea! Hope to ride with you soon!

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  4. I used to stay at Tsuen wan and the place have changed and looks so much better. Congrats on the eating the goose.. it is the best in HK:)

  5. Thanks, Taiwoon! Yes, I must say the goose was delicious!