Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mini Bike Tour of Hong Kong 1 (Airport to Disneyland)

Having come from a country where biking infrastructure is next to non-existent, it was refreshing to have enjoyed the bikeways of Hong Kong, albeit for a short period.
I went there last week with a group of friends from BCP (Brompton Club of the Philippines) to explore the islands on our folding bikes and we were super impressed--jealous even.
On the morning of our first day, we biked straight from the Hong Kong International Airport to Disneyland Resort in Lantau Island. Our small bike group consisted of 5 people: Val, our host and ride leader; Diane from Singapore; and, Charlie, Eugene and I from the Philippines.
From Terminal 1, we biked on the service road of the airport to Tung Chung.
The weather was a bit chilly for us, registering between 12 to 15 degrees Celcius, but I didn’t mind.
When we got there we entered the dedicated bike lanes. I felt so safe, not feeling the need to look over my shoulder for fear of being hit by a passing bus or jeepney.
Bike Tunnel
Start of the Bike Lane.
I enjoyed the smooth ride of the flat and well cemented surface. Why can’t we have this in Manila?
After Tung Chung we entered the service road of Lantau Highway and continued cycling northwest.
Then we stopped at Yam O Wan for some picture taking. The view was both gorgeous and serene. And this was on a cloudy day. Imagine if the sun was out and the sky was blue.
That's Eugene, Diane and myself
We biked the entire stretch of Yam O Wan until we reached Sunny Bay MTR Station. That was when we turned right and entered Sunny Bay Road and headed south to Disneyland.
After almost 2 hours of biking we finally reached the amusement park. We had travelled a total 23 kilometers.
We entered Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre. Rested. Took some photos.
Then we pedaled a few meters more to the entrance of Disneyland. Mission accomplished!
Charlie, Me, Val, Eugene and Diane
From there, the group folded our bikes and boarded the MTR to go back to Sunny Bay. We transferred trains, left Lantau Island and proceeded to the main island.
I love it that their MTR stations have wide turnstiles to accommodate people's luggage AND, yes, folding bikes.
Cute that the trains have Mickey Mouse windows.
Next ride was on the Gold Coast and Ma Wan Channel...

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