Monday, May 7, 2012

Minoura BH-100C-S Bottle Cage Holder

After a long and tedious search, I finally found THE water bottle cage holder for my Brompton. It's the Minoura BH-100C!

I've tried similar products before but they just didn't work for me. I first got this unbranded black hard-plastic holder from Malabon. It clamped on the handlebar post. I didn't like it because the clamp was difficult to adjust. And when clamped, I still felt this holder wasn't secured on enough on the post.
The no-brand water bottle mount
Afterwards, I bought this Topeak CageMount. It, too, clamped on the handlebar post. It looked sleek in its packaging, but when I installed it I realized the design was just awful. I mean, the bottle cage holder branched out so far from the post that it made the whole contraption wobble whenever I ride--even on smooth surfaces. Because of this, the water bottle would bounce up and down. It was unstable. Another problem was, like the previous mount, it was hard to adjust and install.
Topeak CageMount. See how far it extends from the post?
Anyway, last March, when I was in Flying Ball Bike Shop in Hong Kong, Diane showed me the Minoura BH-100C-S. I really wanted to replace the Topeak CageMount so I bought this one for HK$150 (PhP 825 or US$19). Pretty expensive but what the heck.
The Minoura without the bottle cage
The Minoura WITH a bottle cage
I like the Minoura because it's made of stainless steel, not plastic. It feels more solid. Next, the mount clamps on the handlebar instead of the post, which I think is a better design because it feels more secured. Finally, I like the Minoura because among the three products, the BH-100C is the easiest to adjust and attach.
Bird's Eye view of the Minoura mount. Stainless steel and easy to attach on the handlebar.
If you're in Flying Ball, and you're looking for a solid water bottle cage mount for your Brompton, then get the Minoura BH-100C.

PS: The BH-100C comes in TWO (2) sizes: S (22-29mm) and M (28-35mm). The S fits the Brompton handlebars.

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