Friday, April 13, 2012

Topeak Bottle Cage Mount

My search for a water bottle cage mount for my folding bike led me to the Topeak CageMount. I got it at Tryon for P300.00 ($7.00). I need something like this because the Brompton does not have any mounts for a bottle cage. This attaches to the han
The Topeak CageMount is not easy to install. When you unscrew it the whole thing falls apart.
After trying it out a couple of times I'm not happy with the product. The metal band that goes around the handlebar post left a scratchmark even with padding. The actual mount sticks out so far from the post that with a full bottle installed it leans and tilts down. It doesn't look and feel stable.

The whole contraption looks clumsy to me--at least with the Brompton. May be it could work with other bikes.

Will next try the Minoura cage mount I got at Flying Ball last month.


  1. I have a folding bike and I can just use a regular water bottle cage on there - does brompton not drill the holes out in the seat tube?

  2. Unfortunately Brompton does not have holes in the seat tube. : (

  3. The only difference is the womens' model comes standard with front and rear fenders.

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  4. can you please tell me where to buy this thing in exact location thank you !

    1. Hi, Fix Me! I got this cage mount at Tryon Marketing along JP Rizal Street in Makati (near City Hall).