Sunday, April 15, 2012

A smaller, snugger Vincita travel bag for our Bromptons

Our prayers have been answered! Vincita finally came out with a much smaller version of its popular B-132 Travel Bag for Bromptons.
The original B-132 Travel Bag was good. It had sufficient padding, was sturdy, and had rollers at the bottom. But, I felt that it was too spacious and roomy inside. Without a box or any carton inserts, the bike would literally shake and wiggle during transport. There's a possibility that the bike would get scratched or that some parts might fall off. To remedy this, I had to put carton inserts on all sides and secure the bag with a luggage belt.

Not anymore! Because Vincita improved the bag. Now it is smaller and therefore provides a snugger fit for the Brompton. I do believe the days of putting carton inserts, foam, bubble wrap and luggage belts are finally over.

I hope they send us one sample here in Manila soon so that we could try it out!


  1. I'm hoping to buy one from the US rep this week!

  2. Hi Kris,
    Have Vincita started selling the improved bag? I cannot find it at their website. Do you have more info?

    1. Hi, Kok Yong! The photos I posted were that of the prototype. The Vincita rep, Gem, told me they will come out with the mass-produced version within this year. Will let you know through this blog when it comes out.