Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Brompton 'Upgraditis' List

Started with a Brompton M6L last October 2010. Then in the course of 18 months, I made a few changes and replaced some stock parts and accessories.

1. Replaced stock saddle with Brooks B-17.
2. Attached Cateye rear light.
3. Installed Panaracer Flat-aways in tires.
4. Replaced stock rollers with skate wheels.
5. Replaced skate wheels with 2 EZ wheels.
6. Bought a Brompton Touring Bag.
7. Bought a Vincita B-132 Travel Bag.
8. Replaced stock grips with Ergon GC2 Grips with barends.
9. Had a child bike seat fabricated similar to IT Chair.
10. Installed Cateye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer.
11. Replaced stock 50t chainring with Brompton 44t chainring.
12. Replaced stock "L" rear fender with Brompton Rear Rack to make it an "R." 
13. Replaced stock rear rack rollers with 2 EZ wheels.

I now have a modified Brompton M6R.

Happy with my current set-up. : )

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