Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The rear rack's bungee cords

To be honest, I didn't install the rear rack to carry things. I have my Touring Carrier (T-Bag) in the front for that. I bought the rear rack mainly for balance and mobility when the Brompton is folded.

When my bike was still an "L" it would tilt (or lean to the side) when folded. Also, I had a difficult time pushing it with only 2 eazy wheels. Now, with the rear rack attached, it is so much easier to roll the bike.

Anyhow, the other day, I finally got to use the rear rack for its intended purpose--to carry things. The missus asked me to buy ice from the convenience store and I was not about to place a bag of ice, dripping with water, in my T-Bag. No, sir.

The rear rack had bungee cords. All I did was place the bag of ice on the rack, secure it with the cords, and "Voila!" (I'm glad Brompton has these bungee cords on all of its racks. My Trek rear rack doesn't)

When my 2 year old is older and bigger, there'll be another purpose for the rear rack--as a child seat. : )

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