Monday, May 14, 2012

Just when you think you have everything...

Ariel's Brompfication Hinge Clamp Set
When I bought the replacement EZ wheels for my rack and the rubber bung for my seatpost last March in Flying Ball, I thought that would be the end to my Brompton upgrades. And for brief time that was that.

Until I saw my friend Ariel's Brompton. He had the Brompfication Hinge Clamp Set. The Brompfication Clamps perform way better than the stock set because the former do not rotate when unscrewed.

Let me explain. The stock hinge clamps, when screwed, lock the hinges of the Brompton (both on the handlebar post and the main frame). No problem there. But when you unscrew the hinges so that you can fold the bike they become loose and rotate all over the place. And then when you want to fold the bike, you have to position the clamps properly before before you turn the lever bolt. Sometimes, this gets irritating.
With the Brompfication Hinge Clamp Set this problem goes away. An internal spring pushes the clamp away; a locknut prevents it to come loose; and the clamp is designed not to rotate. With the Brompfication Hinge Clamp Set on, folding a Brompton becomes seamless.

I must have it.

Even if it costs 55.80 Euros (PhP 3,000.00)!

Have to save money for this...

Sigh... and the upgrading continues... Damn you, Ariel!!!  
Other upgrades on Ariel's Brompton include a Kamoya suspension and Brompfication Eazy Wheels.

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  1. I am definitely looking to upgrade to this too, but the brass / black set!

    Fernando (