Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wishful Thinking: Belt-Drive on a Brompton

There has been a lot of talk at the Brompton website about them working on something big and special.  Speculations are numerous including an electric-assist Brompton, a new seatpost, a lighter frame and what-not.

But if you asked me, I'm looking forward to a maintenance-free, greaseless carbon belt-drive for the Brompton. : )
My current 6-speed Brompton has a combination 3-gear internal hub and 2-gear derailleur.  It's a lot cleaner than your standard 24-speed drivetrain, with all the gears and stuff, but with the standard chain, it still gets dirty.  And if you wear pants when you bike, there's still a chance for the cuff to be stained.
With a carbon belt, chain oil will be a thing of the past.  Hence, no more cleaning, brushing and degreasing!  And no more grease stains on the pants!  Plus, carbon belts are quieter.
Bike Friday already came out with a belt-drive Tikit last year, so it shouldn't be that hard for Brompton to incorporate the technology in their bikes.


  1. What's the brand of your 3 speed IGH?

  2. It's the Brompton Wide Range (BWR) Sturmey Archer hub.

  3. ok cool, thanks! so that came with your Brompton 2-gear derailleur right?

  4. Thank you. If only I had the moolah for this kind of bike. If I may ask, how much did you buy yours?

  5. I bought mine from Lane & Trip Bike Shop in Taipei. The prices posted on their website is pretty close to what I paid them last year. You can check out the price there.