Sunday, May 29, 2011

Visited my daughter at the hospital using my Brompton

Let me lay the foundation for this bike commute story.

My wife drove our daughter to the hospital for a check up, only to find out Bea had pneumonia and had to be confined.  I found about it when I was at work, and drove to Makati Medical Center as soon as I my meeting ended.  For a few hours stay, I paid P100 for parking.  Went home and returned the next day to exchange places with my wife.  She paid more than P200 for her parking.  And then she came back at night to replace me, and I had to pay another steep parking fee.  All this because we were using 2 cars.  We were wasting gas and paying for parking.

So this morning, I decided to stop this nonsense by subtracting 1 car from the equation.  I biked from the house to the hospital.  Met a friend and bought coffee and newspaper along the way.
Brompton spotted at Makati Medical Center
Visited my wife and daughter; folded my bike; loaded it in my wife's car; and drove the car home!
With my daughter, Bea.  P.S.: She's feeling better guys!
Problem solved!  So when I get back to the hospital later to take over my wife in watching over our daughter, we will not pay a peso more to that expensive parking facility because she will just drive my car home!

And yet another problem solved by a folding bicycle!!!

Here is the bike route I took:

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