Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 Ways to Get People to Bike to Work

Here's an article A.K. Streeter of Portland, Oregon, wrote for TreeHugger about the five ways on how to get people to bike to work.

1.  Give them a bicycle.

2.  Give them money to bike.

3.  Give them more money or a better kind of incentive.

4.  Welcome P60 per Liter gas!

5.  Create Bike Trains

I will add to his list.

6.  Provide secured bike parking at the office.

7.  Provide clean shower facilities at the office.

8.  Hike parking fees to P50 per hour in Makati and Ortigas.

Can you think of others?


  1. I agree with all your points, especially number 7! Dito pa naman sa atin, ang linis ng hangin. Pag dating mo sa office, amoy usok ng bus ka na. :)