Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally got my TSP Jersey!!!

Finally got my TSP Jersey the other day!  The shirt design was spearheaded by our leaders Pio Fortuno and Froi Guevarra.  The jerseys were produced/manufactured by Edlee Designs.
The shirt has a mountain-bike cut.  It features a moisture wicking fabric that is supposedly breathable and wrinkle resistant. It cost P1,000.00.
The over-all look of the shirt is a black suit jacket with a white shirt and a necktie showing the national colors.
There is a small TSP logo over the left breast pocket.
What's cool about what Edlee did was to place the zipper right in the middle of the necktie, in between the color blue and red, so that when zipped up, you wouldn't notice it.  Genius!
The sleeves are cool too because they feature different kinds of folding bikes and drawings of how they fold.  For example, the sleeve above shows the fold of a Dahon and a Strida.
The other sleeve shows the fold of a Brompton.  
The shirt is not without its flaws.  Take a look at my shirt.  Notice the difference in shade of the sleeve and the main shirt.  The sleeve has a lighter, faded black.  But it's all good.  Can't be too picky!
The back design looks like this.  It has a big TSP logo on top.  And the words, "Share the Road" below it.
Like all bike jerseys, there are three pockets at the bottom for your spare inner tube, water bottle, wallet, energy bar, and what not.
Here's how it looks on me.  Not too shabby, eh, mate?  
I chose a size L--not to tight, so that I can still wear it inside the mall and not look like a frustrated superhero.

Super thanks again to the TSP officers and Mr. Edwin Lee for making this bike jersey a reality!  Now our group has a uniform to wear in the next CMR!


  1. Woohoo! Panalong jersey!! Go TSP!! :D

  2. That has got to be the coolest bike shirt, Kris! Thumbs up! :) Would surely want one :)

  3. Thanks, thelogicalwebmaster and Roy! TSP is now collecting orders for the second batch!

  4. wow! I like to order one and I am from SG!!!!!!!!!!!