Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bike Commute to AIM in Makati

When my work takes me to Makati, and the weather cooperates, I try my best to commute by bike--which is what I did today.  I had a meeting in the Central Business District, and the sky was blue.  
Leaving Magallanes
Coding rin kasi yung kotse.  So I drove to Maga before 7am.  Parked the car and unfolded my Brompton.  From there, wearing my white short sleeve barong and black dress pants, I biked to the CBD.  I passed through Brgy. Bangkal, crossed Osmena Highway via a pedestrian overpass, then continued to Pasong Tamo and turned right on Pasay Road. 

I arrived at the Asian Institute of Management after biking for just 15 minutes.  Folded my bike, and went up to my meeting.  Probably saved P100 in parking fees. Ayos! 


  1. Love the folding bike life. I ride a Montague folder. It uses full size wheels and all standard parts. It's really a performance folding bike and I can even do off road riding with it. Still folds up in about 20 seconds!

  2. That's great, Ryan! I also like the design and fold of the Montague folder. It looks solid!