Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Extra Seat for the Brompton

They are marketing a product in Europe called the ITchair which is an extra seat that you attach to the seat post and top tube of a Brompton to accommodate a child passenger.  It's cool, but is hard to come by and very expensive.
Photo downloaded from Brompton website
Then I saw this photo of a similar product in a Brompton users yahoo group.  Allegedly, this child bike seat (obviously copied from the ITchair design) is made in China.  I wonder if it's available in South East Asia (Hongkong, Taiwan or Singapore).  If not, I wonder if it can be fabricated (or copied) here in Manila.  Kaya kaya ito ni sir Ave Maldea?  
Photo downloaded from the internet
Would love to have something like this for Bea to ride on when I use the Brompton.


  1. Sir, you can ask Sir Boyet of Boyet Works. He's a custom fabricator and he's also a mountain biker, obviously he knows about bike mechanics so it would not be very difficult for him to figure out bike-related things you would ask him to fabricate. He already had fabricated a lot of bicycle custom and modification parts. May facebook account siya,

  2. Thanks for the advice, Dodong! I will check sir Boyet of Boyet Works out!