Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Brompton Folding Basket

Brompton designed a number of bags for storing things whilst you bike from Point A to B.  I got the cheapest one (at around PhP 4,500.00), which is the Folding Basket.  Brompton describes it as their "simplest item of luggage - a large, open-top container, ideal for shopping.  Its shape is maintained by a simple bracing frame which folds flat for storage.  Drainage holes are provided in case of rain.  Capacity 24 litres."

It has handles so that you can take it with you when you go to the grocery store.

It's roomy inside and its shape is maintained by a steel frame.

It's big enough to accommodate one Wii set complete with a Wii Fit Balance Board, Power Up Charge Stand, Wii remotes, Nunchucks and a few games.

Like all Brompton-made luggages, the folding basket attaches to the front of the bike.
front view

left side view

The folding basket is attached to the bike by way of a front carrier block.  This item is sold separately (around PhP 1,200.00).

The frame at the back has a bracket that slides into the front carrier block.

You can even use the folding basket with the bike as a shopping cart when you go to the supermarket.
You can roll your Brompton around with the folding basket attached, just like a shopping cart.

There are other front luggage options.  There is the S Bag that fits on S-type Bromptons.  Then there's the C Bag which doubles as a messenger bag.  The T Bag which is Brompton's touring bag is their roomiest.  The O Bag is waterproof.  Last, they have the A Bag, which is a leather attache case.  Buyer beware, though, these bags are pretty expensive.

I dream of owning an A Bag one day, because it looks sharp and classy.  Bagay na bagay for commuting to the office.  But I still have to save up for it.

For now, I'm happy with my Brompton Folding Basket.

Happy Riding, everyone!!!


  1. i bought myself a basket when i still used the m-bars. great stuff talaga. only problem was the raincover sold separately and the fact that things in the basket would sometimes bounce out... lol. i was given an s-bag as a bday gift and like it more because of the external rear pockets and detachable flaps that i've replaced to something cooler. but for groceries, the basket is still the best. -diane

  2. Hi, Diane! Correct observation about the bouncing. I once commuted from Paranaque to Makati with my stuff in the folding basket and they got jumbled up because there was no cover.

  3. i used to lock the basket handles with a carabiner if i wasn't carrying a lot of stuff. that helps a bit. :)

  4. i want to buy a Brompton bag, but still confuse which one the best.

  5. Hi, Investor! The T-Bag is is the roomiest bag, while the C-Bag is a more stylish messenger bag.

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