Monday, February 14, 2011

Can't wait to use the iBert infant bike seat!!!

I wanted to buy a bike seat for my daughter so that she could ride with me.  What first came to mind was a typical child seat you install on the rear rack like this one:
But I heard that it is hard to balance the bike with all the weight at the back.

The next option is to get a trailer that attaches to the back of the bike like this:
The problem though is that when closed, it can be very hot and humid for the child passenger.  When left open naman, dirt, mud, rocks or any other kind of debris may splatter unto the child passenger.

Plus, another problem with both a rear child bike seat and bike trailer is that they're both situated at the back of the biker.  It's very difficult for the biker to check on his passenger.

Then I found out about the iBert front child bike seat.  It's supposed to be better than rear child bike seats and bike trailers because it's placed in front of the biker.  Also, it offers a more solid center of grafity for a more stable ride. 

This got me excited, only to find out that it is not available here in the Philippines.  Undeterred, I asked my brother-in-law to order me one in the US, to which he quickly obliged and sent it to me via balikbayan box.

Here it is, the iBert "Safe-T-Seat" Child Carrier.  It only comes in one color, green.

Included in the box is a metal stinger, an allen wrench, rubber plugs and a metal pin.

You attach the stinger to the headtube like this:

Then you slide the bike seat into the stinger and lock it into place with a metal pin.

The iBert seat attached to my Trek Allant bike.

I can't wait for Bea to ride with me.  The instructions recommend, however, that she be at least 12 months old.  It is designed for kids up to 4 years old.

Added Bonus:
My brother-in-law also sent Bea a pink Giro Me2 infant bike helmetAng cute! 

Bea and I are now all set and ready to go!!!


  1. Hi. Saw you are interested in foldies and have a young child like me. If you are interested in carrying your child on your brompton here is my solution which attaches an inexpensive S$35 (Singapore) seat to the front luggage frame which I remove from c-bag when needed. I am sure you can buy similar seat in Manila. Some modification needed but a supremely elegant solution. The seat stays on the brompton even when folded. I am sure you could also attach the I-bert to the brompton front luggage rack! Great position for baby and very stable ride!

  2. Hi, Ivan! Yes, I have the front luggage frame, and will attempt to install the iBert seat or any kind of child seat using that frame. i saw the link and it does look doable. Thanks for the tip!!!

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