Thursday, February 3, 2011

My first folding bike...

Before getting a Brompton for a folding bike, I rode a Dahon Jack.  I got it at Recreational Outdoor Exchange over at Bonifacio Global City early last year for about PhP23,500.00.

Back then I thought 16" and 20" sized wheels were too small.  I thought I'd have an unstable and clumsy ride on them.  So I chose the Dahon Jack for its big wheels (26").  I said to myself, "rigid mountain bike that folds, ayos!"

In fairness, the Jack rode well.  The Schwalbe Big Apple tires were wide but slick.   They provided just the right cushion.

The handlebars could be adjusted effortlessly because there was a special groove along the stem that ensured the handlebars and fork were always aligned.

Dahon installed grip shifters which were simple to operate.  There were 24 gears to choose from, so the bike could do well in flat and hilly roads.

Folding the bike was easy.  There was just one latch in the middle of the top tube to fold and unfold the bike.

There was really no problem in the Dahon Jack as a full-sized bike.  It gave a sweet and comfortable ride.  But as a folding bike, it was a failure.

You see, the Dahon Jack is still bulky even in its folded state.  In fact, it would take most of the space in my car's trunk.  Worse, it wouldn't stay folded properly.  Yes, there were magnets that would join both wheels, but they would slide off after the slightest touch.

May be the Dahon Jack would be okay for those who have no space for a full sized bike in their apartment, but it wouldn't be ideal for users who want to use their folding bikes for multi-modal transport (i.e. bike then get on a train then bike again).

So, the second I got the chance to get a Brompton (which had the most solid and compact fold), I dumped the Dahon Jack like a hot potato. : )


  1. wanna sell or trade that dahon?

  2. Thanks for the offer, Z, but I sold the Dahon late last year.

  3. .ah i see haha bt i do fix and set things kci na ayaw na ng other people c= hm btw nice one i render a applause for being part of the push dont pollute hehe mtb version nga lang... astig

  4. Thanks! Hey, a bike is a bike! Road, Mountain, Commuter, Folding, it doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't burn gas, right! Cheers to you and I hope to see you in the Tour of the Fireflies!

  5. Hi Sir. I am a newbie biker and would like to ask for your recommendation on a folding bike for inter-modal commute purposes. Something that can easily be transported in MRT/LRT. Thank you very much! :)

    1. Hi Owad! The most compact folding bike I know is the Brompton. Pero pwede rin ang Strida. Dahon and Tern bikes are bulky.