Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Brooks B-17

One of the first upgrades I made on my folding bike was to replace the standard Brompton saddle with my Brooks B-17.  

In fairness to Brompton, their standard saddle is actually a new design.  One of the changes the folks at Brompton did was to put a plastic moulded grip under the saddle nose, which would provide comfort to the person carrying the bike.

Brompton's stock saddle with saddle bag

Still, I replaced it with the B-17 because Brooks saddles supposedly give a more comfortable ride.  They say the leather moulds or conforms to the rider after some time.

My black Brooks B-17 saddle 

The Brooks saddle attached to Pentaclip with CatEye rear light

One of the drawbacks of the Brooks saddle, though, is because it's made of leather, if it rains, I have to place a waterproof nylon cover over it to protect it from water.

Also, I have to apply Proofide leather-dressing to protect and "keep the leather supple."

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