Monday, November 28, 2011

My M6L is now an M6R!

Fenders only (left); Fenders and Rear Rack (right)
My Brompton M6L bike is now an M6R--that is, from having fenders only to one that has fenders and rear rack! I bought the rear carrier assembly for $170 from through my friend Barnett. It arrived the other day. I read the instructions and it looked complicated, so I brought it over to Tryon to have Mang Nestor take a shot at it.
Mang Nestor hadn't installed one yet, but I had faith in him. I was lucky he wasn't working on any bike that Saturday afternoon. He took one long look at the instructions and then proceeded to uninstall my rear L-fender.
He had no difficulty in taking the L-fender out. The challenge was installing the rear carrier assembly. Many nuts and bolts that went to god-knows-where. I'm glad it was Mang Nestor doing this 'coz if it were me, I would've gone insane with the installation.
After a few minutes of unscrewing and screwing, Mang Nestor got to attach the R-fender and rear rack to my Brompton's rear frame. A little tweaking here and there (to make sure the wheel doesn't hit the fender when rolling), and everything was fine!
After he was done with the rear rack, I asked Mang Nestor if he could shorten my chain. I had my chainring replaced earlier and I noticed the chain sag a bit right after. No problem! Hit two birds with one stone! Nice!
The L-fender. What to do with it?
Now that my whole Brompton upgrade is complete (replaced the stock saddle with Brooks B-17, replaced my stock grips with Ergons, replaced the stock chainring with a smaller one, bought a touring bag, and now installed a rear rack), I don't know what to do next except ride the damn thing! :D

Happy biking, everyone!


  1. Hi. Have been reading and enjoying your blogs and am interested in acquiring a brompton. is this locally available already. thanks

  2. Hi, Arkitel! Brompton does not have a dealer yet here in the Philippines, but I have a friend who might be importing some soon. Please search for Ariel Arias II on Facebook. He can probably order for you. : )

  3. If you still have the L fender and stays I'll take them off of your hands.

    1. Hi, datalaforge. Sorry, sold it a long time ago. :)