Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Brompton T Bag (Touring Pannier)

I recently procured a Brompton T Bag (Touring Pannier) from my dealer in Taiwan, Lane & Trip, through a friend who went on vacation there last week. (Thanks, Joey!)  NyceWheels has a good review of the bag.  This is mine.
Brommie Skywalker with the T Bag, ready for action!
The T-Bag cost me the more or less the same amount as if I had purchased it in the US, so that was good.  Although I found out the price could be significantly lower if I bought it in the UK, but, hey, I'm not complaining.
Side View
It is the largest and roomiest of all Brompton front bags, which includes the Folding Basket (which I have), the leather attache case A-Bag, the small messenger bag S-Bag and the medium messenger bag C-Bag.
It has a roll-top system so you can fill it with as much stuff as you want.  The total internal capacity is 31 liters. 
It can easily fit my Bern helmet and Louisville Slugger baseball glove
There are two pockets at the back, where you can put stuff like your wallet and keys inside the left pocket and a water bottle in the right pouch. 
There are 3 elastic mesh/net pockets found on the front and both sides for all the other things you might need to access during your commute, like a map, a fruit, an energy bar or an extra water bottle.  
There is a neon green (typical of the British) rain cover included to protect the bag from the Manila storms/typhoons.
I think the British are stuck in the 80's with their fascination with neon green
I recently used the T-Bag in a bike tour to Calamba, Laguna--about 55 kilometers south of Manila.  The bag was all I imagined it to be.  To illustrate, before my things were all over the place.  My phone and wallet would be in my shorts' pockets.  My allen wrench, inner tube and tire levers would be tucked in my saddle bag.  My water bottle naman in a detachable bottle holder.  And that's about all I can carry with me.  No place for spare clothes, a rain coat, a book or any other stuff.  I could use a backpack, yes, but then I'd have to stop each time I needed something.  Plus, from experience, a backpack is heavy in the back.
With the T-Bag, I get to put everything in one convenient place!  My water bottle, wallet, car keys, energy bar, rain coat, extra clothes, allen wrench, ballpen, bandana, reflector vest and flashlight.  And there's plenty of room left!  Also, my things are within arms reach with the T-Bag, which is great when you're on the move!

Here's the negative.  Although I like my T-Bag, I still can't believe how expensive one is.  I mean even Samsonite travel bags sold at Rustans or The Travel Club are cheaper than this, and those are already expensive!  Why can't Brompton lower the price of its bags?  The folding bike itself I can accept to be expensive, but the accessories?  C'mon, Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Butler-Adams!!!  Help us out here!


  1. Great blog, great review- off to buy myself a T bag on Monday

  2. Thanks! Congratulations on your purchase! It is a roomy bag. I take it with me wherever I go!

  3. A little side note. I have a 2013 S bike, cut off the plastic handle and the T bag will fit any Brompton (just don't go crazy filling it up!)Thanks for the great review, you motivated my purchase.

    1. Oh really?! Wow! You're welcome for the review! Glad I could help.