Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Ergon GC2 grips

I recently installed a pair of Ergon GC2 grips on my Brompton M6L bike and tested them over the weekend. My initial thoughts were, "Why didn't I replace my foam grips earlier?!"

The grips are comfortable (my Allant and Valencia both have grips with similar ergonomic style). I believe my hands won't go numb as fast as with the old foam grips, which is good for long-distance rides.

But what I really like about these grips are the bar ends. I like it that they provide an alternative resting place for my hands. Plus, when I climb steep hills, like the one in front of Ateneo in Rockwell, the bar ends allow me to stand up from my saddle and push down on the pedals better. I actually prefer doing this than go granny gear because I lose momentum in the latter.

I can't wait to use these grips on a long-distance ride. I'm sure it'll make my life easier. This is a must upgrade for all of you who encounter hilly roads in your bike commute! 
On the left is the Brompton stock foam grip; and on the right is the Ergon GC2 grip with white bar end
Notice the white bar end touch the floor.
A word of caution for Brompton owners, though, the left bar end WILL definitely hit the floor when the bike is folded--for sure if your bike is an E or L-type (no rack). To protect the edges from scratches I put Protective Tape, but I know its not full proof. I'm resigned to the fact that that bar end will be scratched ihe future.

Other than that, I love these new grips! Should've replaced the stock foam grips a long time ago!


  1. how much po and saan nyo nabili? thanks

    1. This was 5 years ago, Ericson. I'd guess it'd be at least 1,500 at Paulina's Bike Shop in Cartimar or Blue Bay Walk. But you should check yourself. Baka mas mahal.