Monday, September 5, 2011

Brompton Club of the Philippines

BCP founding members with honorary members Lisa, Patrick and Brznf
My friend Abel noticed that the number of Brompton owners here in the Philippines had been increasing since 2009. I remember the first ones to ride them were Pio and Ethel Fortuno and Paul Siochi. Then Arnel had one, followed by Abel and Ruth, so on and so forth. Last week, Abel invited all Bromptonauts he knew to a get-together and a bike ride.

9 of us answered his call (plus 4 honorary members who brought their Bike Friday, Dahon and Rhine bikes) and met at Starbucks in Rockwell.
It was nice to meet people who share the same love for this British-made folding bike (much like other clubs with members sharing common interests in special and unique modes of transportation like Vespas, Minis, and 29er MTBs). We exchanged tips on how to modify our Bromptons. Some taught others how to take care and maintain our classic bicycles.
The multi-colored Brompton on the right is one of the first.
2 Bike Friday Tikits join the Brompton fray
I hope our group of Brompton folding bike enthusiasts grows. To a point where the Brompton company will finally recognize the local market and open a dealership here (the nearest authorized distributors are in Hongkong, Taipei and Singapore). 

Already, I have a high school friend who just ordered an S6R from the US. And then there's Marc, a Dahon Vector owner, who is seriously thinking of flying to HK to get an S6L-X!

May our tribe increase!


  1. Hi!
    Great to see Brompton in the Philippines. I am in England and would like to bring home a Brompton. Please can you tell me what the insurance premium on it is and any other tips, infos would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Happy cycling.

  2. Hi, Mariyami! I do not insure it when I travel. I just check it in as regular luggage. Best if you pack it in a box and mark as fragile. Do tell us if you're in town, we can join you in a ride around Manila!

  3. Hi guys! Im interested in getting a Brompton for myself and eventually ride with your club. im wondering where can i get a Brompton 9new or used). im from marikina.



    1. Hi, Jam! That's great! Walang dealer ang Brompton dito sa Manila. Most of us got our bikes sa HK, Taipei at Singapore. Pero may mga nakabili din ng second hand sa Malabon, pero swerte swertehan lang.

  4. Those are really a great and unique bikes. I want to have one too.

    biking Philippines

  5. Hi Guys. My hubby already a member of your club. I want to give him your long-sleeved shirt. How do I get hold of one by tomorrow sana?

    Mrs Brompton

    1. Hi! You can order from Abel Lazona. PM him on BCP's group page in Facebook! Good luck!

  6. BCP's group page is a closed group. I tried sending a private message to Abel Lazona but it indicated that address was invalid. Help pls?

  7. PM me on facebook. I'm kris ablan there. I'll try to invite you.