Monday, August 29, 2011

Puma folding bikes in HMR!

The family went to HMR over at Pioneer corner Reliance Streets in Mandaluyong City yesterday (Sunday) to buy a kiddie bike for my daughter (We did! for only PhP 990.00) and I noticed the store was selling these brand-new Puma Folding Bikes.

First up is the Pico at only PhP 15,900.00. It retails at $700.00 or PhP 29,400.00. It has small wheels and folds.
This is another Pico bike with a different color combination. The bike only comes in one size.
Next I saw this elegant white Disko folding bike which HMR was selling at PhP 19,900.00. Originally it costs $970.00 or PhP 40,700.00 in the US.
Last I saw was the Nevis Man with a ticket price of PhP 14,900. It's $725 or PhP 30,500 in the Puma website. It is a full-sized commuter bike and does not fold.
If you want a folding bike, but not the typical Dahon or Peerless style, these Puma bikes might be for you. When I was in HMR, there were still about 10+ boxes of these bikes.

DISCLAIMER: Author or any of his relatives to the 2nd degree are neither officers nor employees of HMR Philippines, and do not stand to gain anything from the sale of the above-mentioned goods. This is NOT a paid advertisement.


  1. Thanks for notifying!

    I went down to HMR and bought one. They have plenty left, but I bought the last white Pico. (It's p16,900 btw, the one at p15,900 is unfoldable)

    It seems to be of good quality, but I am no bike man. The test ride was a better experience than when I tried the Peerless Baracuda and a Flamingo, back in may or april. It feels stirdier. But time will tell if it's a better buy. And the brand Puma is an eye catcher!

    On the negative side I'm unimpressed by the size of it when it's folded. The taxi had a gas tank in the baggage compartement, but I'm not convinced it would be easy to get it in even without. We had to put it inside the car, and it took up ALL the back seat, and I must confess I wondered what the heck I had done buying this huge monster. But I guess most foldables are bigger than what you're expecting when you haven't had one before.

    I'll post here later when I've gotten used to it, so you fellow foldables can better decide.

  2. I am just back after an hours ride around in the village. It is a solid bike, and I have no problem recommending it.

    It's sturdy even when pedaling in standing position to gain momentum. It easily gets up speed, and it is effortless to keep the speed up. That worried me a bit with the small wheels and such.

    Just beware the size when it's folded. It is possible though to collapse the handlebars but you need a allen wrench, but that at least gets it down to an acceptable size.

    I am happy with the buy, but if the wife wants a bike as well, the next one will probably be a Brompton or a Flamingo because it's no way two of these Puma Pico's will fit in a car.

  3. Hi, man! Congratulations on the purchase! Do join us at Tiklop Society in one of our rides (we have one this weekend). Just check us out at our Facebook page with the same name!

    Again, congratulations and welcome to the fold!

  4. It would be awesome to join you. I think what you're doing is of great importance for the future of Manila, specifically, and the Philippines in general. Bike is the thing.

    The wife loved the bike, but reared when she heared the price of the Brompton and Flamingo. I guess it means she will have the Pico and I will have to buy a second hand one at best.

  5. Peerless offers good, sturdy folding bikes, as well!