Friday, August 19, 2011

My Brompton flew to Northeast Luzon

I had to attend a 4-day seminar in Cauayan City, Isabela, this week. I thought of bringing my folding bike to explore the city and to commute from my hotel to the seminar venue.

Two days before my scheduled flight Cebu Pacific phoned to inform me that my direct flight to Cauayan City was cancelled and I was rerouted to Tuguegarao City in Cagayan Valley!

What a bummer. 

But the ticket was already paid for and I couldn't get a refund, so what's a man supposed to do?

Despite this setback, I packed my Brompton for the flight. Just like before, with rubber mats, styrofoam, bubble wrap and lots of duct tape (I'm still waiting for my Vincita Travel Bag to come in from Thailand).

At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport T3, I checked in the Brompton as regular luggage. It weighed 13.5 kilos--well within the airline's weight limit.
I put a luggage belt for added support
See you in Tuguegarao!
My Bern Brentwood helmet and Brompton T Bag went along
That's Tuguegarao, a city 485 kms. northeast of Manila
When I got to Tuguegarao my Brommie was manually unloaded from the airplane. I picked it up and walked out of the arrival area.
Can you locate where my Brompton is?
Cebu Pacific, at least, arranged for our land transportation to Cauayan. I loaded my folding bike at the back of the rented UV Express van and we were on our way.

Unfortunately, the van had no aircon and it felt really hot--temperature reached 33 degrees Celsius.

The ride took more than 2 hours.  Cauayan is 110 kms. south of Tuguegarao.
When we got to Cauayan, I unloaded my Brompton from the van and transferred it to a tricycle.
From there, I proceeded to my hotel, Hotel Andrea, in downtown Cauayan.
After checking into my room, I unwrapped the packaging protecting my folding bike,  attached the clamps and took the Brompton for a spin around Cauayan City.
My Brompton raring to explore the city!
I biked to UPHS-Isabela Campus, the venue of my seminar


  1. Hi Kris,

    I liked reading your blog, especially this detailed picture story of your Brompton transport by air. Now I know how to make the package, as long as a hard case is not available.
    It seems, you are a folding bike user of a disposition not unlike mine.

    Best greetings from Bonn,Germany, Guenther

  2. Thanks, Guenther! I'm sure it's a lot more pleasant to transport your folding bike in Europe than it is here in South East Asia. : )

    I am waiting for my Brompton specific travel bag with foam padding so that I don't need to wrap my folding bike with bubble wrap and rubber matting next time! Will post about it when I get it in the mail!

    Happy riding!