Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brompton bikes can be customized!

This new service is so cool! From the NYCeWheels website and on YouTube!

To help you choose what kind of Brompton to build, the people at NYCeWheels made different short videos discussing each part and accessory.  Then at the bottom of every page, you can make your selection, and at the end of all the videos, you can order your built-to-order folding bicycle.

How cool is that?!

Good job, NYCeWheels!  I wonder when Brompton dealers here in Asia can do that.


  1. kris, the SG distr. does this but on a personal scale. and it's all preorder with a wait time of 3-4 months (unless it's a raw lac, then it's around half a year)

  2. Wow, wait time for a raw lacquer is 6 months?! Tagal ah. Full downpayment?