Monday, April 18, 2011

Bea and I visit Ayala Triangle Garden

The other weekend, I biked with my 13-month old toddler, Bea, around Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati CBD.
But not on my folding bike.  We went around using my trusty Trek Allant with the iBert seat installed.  (I'm still figuring out if it's okay to use the iBert seat on the stem of my Brompton bike.)
Ayala Triangle Garden used to be an unused triangular shaped lot owned by the Ayalas in the middle of downtown Makati.  It was enclosed and gated.  Shrubs and weeds were left to grow.
Until the mid-2000s, when Ayala Land thought to make good use of the lot by making it into a park.
Here Bea and I are biking along one of the parks cemented lanes.  People living and working in the nearby buildings walk their dogs here.  Others jog.  And some, like me, take their daughters for a nice bike ride.
Ayala recently put up a row of restaurants in one side of the park--and they are packed during lunch and dinner time.
Bea and I choosing a restaurant to have dinner.
Ayala Triangle Garden is another nice little park to take your kid biking in the Makati area.  The trees offer some shade.  There are wide and open spaces.  The park is still enclosed, so there's a certain level of safety. And there are cafes, restaurants and shops where you can park your bike in front of and have some lunch, merienda or dinner.


  1. Lots of nice picts. Question. Who was taking your picts? Is Ria a part time blog/facebook photographer now?

  2. Yes, Ria was the photographer. That's one of the reasons I married her. The other was to have my baby.

    (just kidding, hunny!)