Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Attempt to Install the iBert Seat on my Brompton

I've used my Brompton folding bike.  And I've also used the iBert child bike seat.  But I have never used them together.  
The iBert seat is installed on my full-sized commuter bike (a Trek Allant), and that's what I use when I take Bea around with me.
One of the reasons why I haven't used the iBert seat on the Brompton is because I feel the head tube is not strong and sturdy enough to carry the load of a child.
But I remained curious.
So this morning, I uninstalled the iBert seat from the Allant and attempted to install it on my Brompton.
I wrapped rubber foam around the stem first before screwing on the metal stinger to protect the paint from any scratches.  I noticed that the Brompton's head tube / stem is much thicker than the Allant's.  Once tightened, I slid the iBert seat into the stinger.  I pushed it in, but it wouldn't go all the way.  The reason for this was because the iBert seat was already hitting the stem.  But I was able to nudge it enough for me to be able to lock the seat in place.

It fit!  But it wasn't the best fit.  I might have to put rubber foam around that part of the stem that rubs against the edge of the iBert seat.  Just to avoid scratch marks.
There's another concern.  The cables are kinda in the way, which could possibly affect steering and maneuverability.
I didn't have enough time to test it.  I'm still kinda apprehensive that the head tube / stem can take the load.  Also, may be I'd have a difficult time pedaling because the seat is positioned quite low.  
Well, there's only one way to find out.  Ride it. I'll probably do it this weekend.  Will blog about my experience next time.  Fingers crossed that the head tube / stem can carry the load of child on an iBert seat!

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