Friday, September 14, 2012

Mini Bike Tour of Iloilo City

I flew to Western Visayas last weekend to accompany my wife to attend a seminar. Brought my folding bike with me so that I could explore the central business district on my own.
I took a Cebu Pacific flight to Iloilo. Packed my Brompton in the new Vincita B-132B Transport Bag (I really like that it's smaller and much more compact than its predecessor).  The bike and the bag weighed a total 17.5 kilos. Had no problem checking it in at the airport.
The flight took an hour. Was quite impressed with the Iloilo International Airport. The place looked new, sleek and shiny.
Once I got to my hotel, I unzipped the B-132B bag to check the bike. Inspected it for any deformities or cracks. Didn't find any. I put air in the tires with the stock handpump. I think I put in 100 pumps per tire. Worked up a bit of sweat there.
After the tires were inflated, I went down the lobby and pedaled away. I biked 3 kilometers to the ferry terminal to buy my ticket to Bacolod for the next day.
From there, I turned around and visited the provincial capitol compound.
Here's the old capitol building. I think the governor plans to convert it into a museum. Speaking of which, I also stopped by the current Iloilo Museum. I was out of luck because the museum was closed.
After taking some pictures, I biked to my next destination, SM Iloilo. Took my customary SM souvenir shot.
I had merienda at local favorite, Deco's. Tried their La Paz Batchoy. It was a bit salty for my tastebuds.
On the way back to the hotel, I passed by the newly inaugurated Iloilo River Esplanade, a 1.2 km pathway along the Iloilo riverbank. I wanted to cycle on it but I was stopped by a security guard.
It was getting dark so I biked back to my hotel. And that was my afternoon tour of the Iloilo central business district. They said I should've visited the area's other attractions like Miag-ao Church, but that's 40 kms west of the CBD. I didn't have time to cycle that far. May be next time.


  1. hello Kris. All that costs, the Brompton in the Vincita checking in flight?


  2. Hi, ECycles! No extra charge at the airport. Weight was only 17 kilos.

  3. Amazing!! In EU the flight company apply sports article extra charge for 10, 20 or 30 kilos for the bikes, folding or no

    1. Oh don't get me wrong, we also have "Sports Equipment Charge" here in the Philippines. But only for over-sized equipment like full-size bike, golf clubs, surf boards. But since the Brompton is small and fits the dimension of regular luggage, I don't get charged extra.