Friday, September 7, 2012

Bike Crash Kit App

Have you ever been involved in a traffic accident as a cyclist? Do you know what steps to take immediately right after an accident (assuming no one's hurt)? Well, a New York law firm developed a Bike Crash Kit App for iPhones to assist cyclists in such road mishaps. I just downloaded it and here's my review. 
I like the app because it's simple and straightforward. When a bike crash happens you just click on "New Crash" and start encoding the necessary information on the app to document the incident (i.e. license plate of the car, the driver's particulars, witnesses names and contact details). Then you can push "Location" to pinpoint where you are on a map and you can find the nearest hospital and/or bike shop. When you press "Media," you can access your iPhone's camera, voice recorder and notepad. In addition, you can make a sketch of the accident. Another helpful feature is called the "Accident Info Guide" which summarizes New York City and State bike laws, among others.  
The app is FREE on iTunes. There must be a catch, right? Well, yes, there is. After typing the details of the accident and you push "E-Mail," the law firm Flanzig & Flanzig LLP gets a copy of your report, makes an assessment and may give their initial legal advise on the incident. Now you may or may not retain them, that's ultimately your choice. But, they've got their foot in the door, so to speak.
I wish a local law firm here in the Philippines can come out with a similar app. God knows Filipino cyclists need all the help we can get when encountering truck, bus, jeepney, car, and tricycle drivers while navigating the mean streets of Metro Manila.

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