Monday, January 30, 2012

My Brompton's First Flat

I was getting ready to bike with my daughter Bea on my folding bike last Sunday morning when I noticed the front wheel was flat. It was my first flat ever on the Brompton (after almost 16 months)!
I turned the wheel around to look for the puncture but I saw none. So I just brought the bike to my trusted mechanic, Mang Nestor, over at Tryon in Makati.
Upon his inspection, Mang Nestor told me the source of the leak was a hole at the base of the valve. Most probably, a result of biking on a deflated tire. And then I remembered, the night before I biked to the tiangge without checking the tire pressure! Argghhhh! Yun lang?!
Learned my lesson.
Anyway, since I was there, I asked Mang Nestor to tune-up and clean my Brompton as well. He also adjusted the nuts on the rear fender so it didn't rise higher than the rack (a problem when the the bike is folded).
Paid Mang Jaime PhP 150.00 for the service, and gave Mang Nestor a tip. Now my Brompton is good as new!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this experience.I just got my Brompton about 5 months ago.Lesson learnt is to ride our bicycle at the right tire pressure.

  2. Glad I could help, sir. Thanks for visiting my blog.