Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Video: Why Motorists and Pedestrians dislike Cyclists

Here is a video I found on YouTube about silly (bad) cyclists.
According to the author, motorists and pedestrians dislike/ are irritated/ or are annoyed with bicyclists for various reasons, including:
1. Beating the RED light;
2. Biking on the sidewalk;
3. Not wearing protective helmet;
4. Biking while talking on the phone;
5. Colliding with pedestrians;
6. Using earphones while listening to music on MP3 player;
7. Not using hand signals when changing lanes;
8. Weaving (swerving) through traffic;
9. Biking against the flow of traffic;

I will include other reasons applicable in the Philippines:
10. Hogging the lane;
11. Not biking predictably;
12. Biking on a national highway;

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