Sunday, July 3, 2011

My wife finally joined Bea and I in biking!

Ria trying to figure out the gearing system of the Brompton
After months of prodding, my wife finally gave in and joined Bea and I in bicycling. Yesterday afternoon, we had to visit an uncle in the neighboring community. Our cars were already parked in the garage and Ria was lazy to take them out, so I convinced her to use our bikes.

Bea and I rode on the Trek Allant, and I let Ria use Brommie Skywalker (The good thing about Bromptons is that the seatpost can be adjusted to accommodate a rider of any size). We biked approximately 2 kilometers to my uncle's house.  Ria complained half of the time. First, she said the saddle was tilted downwards way too much, causing her butt to slip. And second, she had a hard time pedaling the uphill climbs because she didn't know how to change gears.  I told her I'd adjust the saddle and teach her the Brompton gearing system later.

Meanwhile, Bea and I had fun in our bicycle. After the bell, Bea now wants to grab on the bike's handlebars.  She doesn't steer it.  She just likes to hold on to it (May be because she sees me doing it).

Anyway, the three of us got to my uncle's house. Ria spoke with him about a food order. My cousin Maricris played with Bea for a while. Then Ria, Bea and I said our farewells. We passed by a sari-sari store and bought some groceries, which I all stored in my Deuter pannier. Then we headed for home. Total distance covered was approximately 4.5 kilometers.  

No matter how brief and short the bike ride was, for that moment I was HAPPY to bike with my family.

PS: Ria, please bike with Bea and I more often!


  1. That's nice Kris. Must've been hard to convince her to bike. :) good job!

  2. Thanks, Roy! Oh yes, it was hard to convince her!