Friday, July 8, 2011


'Upgrade-itis' is the sickness common to all bicyclists who upgrade the parts and accessories of their bikes, or upgrade the bikes themselves.

'Folderitis,' on the other hand, is a specific form of 'Upgrade-itis' experienced by owners of folding bikes.  It is as dangerous, contagious and addictive as 'Upgrade-itis,' if not, worse.

Folderitis starts with buying accessories for your folding bike.  May be begin with a rear rack or a pair of fenders.  Of course your folding bike is not complete without a bell and front and rear LED lights.  And who can live without a water bottle and its bottle cage? Then comes all kinds of bags.  Could be a handlebar bag, a toptube bag, a saddle bag and/or a rear pannier.  If you want to take it further, one can install a cyclometer/odometer, as well as a bike trailer.

Then you start replacing parts of your folding bike including the handlebar grips and the saddle. Maybe put on some Ergon grips and Brooks saddles to replace the stock ones that came with the bike.  Some people replace the wheelsettires and even install Panaracer Flataways.

Then it gets worse.  Some folding bike owners also replace the pedals and the crank set.  Some even install better cables and brakes.  The upgrading never ends.

And even if it comes to that (replacing all stock parts with better parts, that the folding bike is no longer the same bike as when you originally bought it), folding bike owners think of other things...

Like replacing the ENTIRE bike!!!

I was bitten by the bug once.  I sold my Dahon Jack D24 so that I could upgrade to a Brompton M6L.  Thankfully, so far, after 10 months, I am still satisfied with my current folding bike.  I guess I have Mild Folderitis.

Others have not been that lucky.  A friend of mine started out with a Dahon Eco 3, which he later sold for a Dahon Mu P8.  Then he upgraded to a Brompton S6R.  And just recently, he sold the Dahon Mu P8 to move up to a Dahon Vector X10!  I believe my friend is down with Severe Folderitis.

But his case is NOT isolated.  The 'Dahon Vector X10 Strain' has spread throughout our group.  No less than 4 TSP bikers have upgraded their folding bikes to Dahon Vector X10s. Four!!!  And this Folderitis virus is showing no sign of slowing down.  There might be others who will be exchanging their current folding bikes for the very handsome, sleek-looking and fast Dahon Vector X10.  Only time can tell.

So for those of you who are thinking of buying a folding bike, be careful.  You might get bitten by the Folderitis virus and one day just realize you're salivating for that new accessory or that faster and better looking folding bike.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Haha great article. So far, I'm happy with my Eco 3. Just added front and rear racks, fenders, lights and water bottle holder. So I guess I also have mild folderitis.

  2. Thanks, man! Like I said, we have to be careful about these things. You never know when you get the itch to upgrade! Happy Riding!

  3. I've got folderitis with my Montague Bike. You should check them out. They use a larger wheel but still fold and give you the performance to even do some off road riding.

  4. Thanks, Ryan! Yeah, I hear Montague Bikes are awesome. Unfortunately, they do not have a dealer here in the Philippines. The closest authorized distributor is in Singapore. May be if I visit Sing, I'll check out the Montague Bike.

  5. Hi Kris, i think at this point I already ran through all your posts!!. I sold my MTB for a Dahon Eco C7.. how can I join TSP? TSP doesn't have a website, right?

  6. Congratulations, Mark, for joining the fold! (I also sold my MTB for a folding bike). TSP has no website. We just have a group in Facebook. Sali ka lang sa mga rides namin, member ka na!

  7. Hi Kris, I just started riding bike. I can't afford to buy a bike like all of you have that's why I bought a 2nd hand made in japan folding bike.. I am very new in biking coz since high school I have my motorcycle. but when I started to ride with my folding bike, I realized na hindi pala masaya maf bike lalo na pag gamit eh folding bike, kasi SOBRANG SARAP PALA. and I'm very hocked in it. but the problem is my bike is not branded and just a simple bike. i just want to upgrade specially the speed and be more comfortable. what do you think should I do or what am I going to change? thanks!

    1. Hi, Clifford! There's no problem with your bike! Lahat naman tayo nagsimula sa Japan surplus bike. Nasa sa iyo yun kung gusto mo mag-upgrade. Madami akong kilala na masaya na sila sa stock folding bike na meron nila. Yung iba naman, katulad ko, napapa-upgrade. : )
      Sali ka sa mga rides namin. Lahat welcome. Me-brand man o wala. Basta padyak lang ng padyak!

    2. I really want to join in TSP. kasama nung 3 kong nakakasama pag na padyak. san po b karaniwan niong rides? or is there any registration process para makajoin?

    3. Hi, Clifford! I'm no longer with TSP, but they usually ride in QC, particularly in UP. I'm now with FBP (Folding Bike Pilipinas) and we usually bike in Manila (Chinatown, Manila Bay, MOA-ASEANA) and Makati. You're welcome to join either group. Lahat naman tayo gusto lang pumadyak! : )