Monday, March 14, 2011

Kuklos: a bike fair

Last Saturday, I biked to the Collective at Malugay Street, Makati, to attend Kuklos, a bike show co-organized by Tiklop Society of the Philippines.
3.5 km bike ride

Brommie Skywalker parked next to Steve's yellow folding bike.

Lady volunteers from WOW Pinay.

My kailian, Al Castillo, his wife Din and daughter Aldea--a true biking family

Dennis' and Ricky's stall selling Flamingo and Strida bikes and accessories

A cute white Flamingo folding bike.

A yellow Strida folding bike.

A yellow Dahon racing folding bike.

Some more Dahon folding bikes.

Brznf's Peerless folding bikes

Accessories for those into fixed gear bikes ("Fixies") and bike polo.

Now for the bike show. There were a lot of participants and a lot of bikes.  There were also a lot of activities including an exhibition show and a contest.
the bike show

A purple low-rider bike. 
A BMX bike.

A bamboo bike.
Classic Dutch-style bikes.

A 1982 blue Dahon folding bike.

The minority for that day:  mountain bikes and road bikes.  Hehehehe.

Some more low rider bikes.
That green bike is a Moulton.

I would have wanted to pimp up Brommie Skywalker and enter it in the bike show, but I was there for less than an hour, so I just parked it.

It was a well-organized event with lots of bikes and lots of participants.  I'm glad it focused on "other" bikes (i.e. folding bikes, commuter bikes, BMX bikes, fixies, low-rider bikes, etc.) rather than the usual mountain bikes and road bikes.  For one day, "other" bikes ruled!

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